The vomit

You who have been in Japan before know what I am talking about, travelling JR in the evening. Well, I have had the experience of a lifetime this evening.
Today was the End of the OBC’s dinner. We all went to dinner in a nice restaurant near the office. I left like everybody else around 9pm. I did not drink much as I am still not quite feeling well as I have a cold.
Well, tonight, I was on a Chuo special rapid from Tokyo to Kokubunji, which got really crowded at Shinjuku. I was sitting down (lucky me!) and a couple of older guys were in front of me. I could clearly see that one of them was rather under the weather.
Please do understand that I do not blame them as I do occasionally indulge myself in some light drinking. After all, I blame the current cold I got since the weekend, because of the time spent on a bench on Saturday very early morning from a totally vegetarian dinner (a few Asahi and a couple of glasses of wine, I think!) I had in Roppongi Friday night.
When it come to drinking I know what I am talking about, I started to play rugby when I was 6 and I am nearly 40, have played in France, UK and Japan. I can tell you that rugby players in every country I have played certainly enjoy a few bevies.
Coming back to our 2 kaishain , you guess it. The one under the weather suddenly decided to empty his overflow on my Barbour.
I unfolded myself from the sit in one short, swift move and that is not mean task. His face dropped when he saw that big shaven head Gaijin with a rather disgusting concoction of rice and other Japanese delicacies adorning his jacket.
I was just about to re-arrange his face when suddenly I had a flash in my head of TK (my boss) coming to bail me out of Mitaka’s police station. I decided instead to explain to him what I thought of his “sumimasen”. As my Japanese is not quite as complete as my English is. I used the usual phrase and told him to stick his sumimasen where the sun does not shine and other chosen English expletives.
I am pretty sure it was lost on him but I sure felt a lot better and it certainly gave the few other English speakers on the carriage something to talk about.
So next time you ride JR in the evening, don’t forget your waterproof.

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