New year resolution… a week on

Well what can I say? I failed miserably or did I?

I have not stuck to all the resolutions but yet we are in the middle of a the worst winter I have ever experienced since coming to live in UK over 20 years ago. I still managed to get to work everyday, which is more than what my bank manager, my son’s school and a few of my suppliers have managed. Even the local branch of my bank was closed for two days and only managed to re-open today. It seems that as soon as a little flurry of snow appears, life grinds to a halt. I know that there is a lack of adequate snow equipment in most British homes but surely the snow had been forecasted for a while. We also had snow back in February this year, which already caused a lot of trouble. So it is not like people never had the experience before.

One of my resolutions was to go and walk every day something I used to do but that has fallen by the wayside since I started my company. I must admit that when opening the door on the first morning this week and feeling the very cold wind, I immediately closed the door back and went straight to my emails. Most of the roads around were I live have been covered with snow and then ice now. The main road has been cleared enough for traffic to come through but all back roads are still like an ice rink. Let’s not start on this as I would get quite ranty on why I pay council tax…

Another of my resolution is to stick to a daily plan. I am a great believer in closed to-do lists. If you have a to do list and you keep adding to it, you will have the feeling that you are not progressing. I picked up the idea of the closed list from the excellent book from Mark Forster “Do it tomorrow“. This is the book Mark wrote before going funny and inventing the “Autofocus” system, which I personally do not rate at all.  Closed list means that you have a list of things to do today, anything else that come in today is booked for tomorrow or the following days when you have time available . If something crops up that needs to be done today, you have to take something off today’s list and move it to another day. After all, you only have 24 hours in a day. Here is a link to a folder where I share my daily planning sheet. This sheet also includes the SYLO system on the back, I will post about SYLO another time. I have not managed to stick to this resolution as my office days have been disturbed by the adverse weather conditions but still managed to achieve a fair amount this week and I do not confuse activity with achievement.

One great achievement is that I stuck my my eating plan…. verdict on monday morning but this I will keep to myself.

1 comment for “New year resolution… a week on

  1. Nathalie
    January 12, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Sounds great Thierry! I’m very impressed…and this is an inspiring list. Don’t be too hard on yourself for the walk, it has to be enjoyable. I am going to steal the idea of doing a close list, if that’s ok? :)
    Look forward to hearing more. Good luck with all of it and Happy 2010.

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