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For a few years now I have been reading self improvement books. I took the study further in 2008 by taking a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) course. I took a one day taster session with Inside Performance a training company which links NLP and sport. The session was great and I had all intentions of taking my first step along the NLP qualification with them. However the dates offered for training were not compatible with my overcrowded diary.

After a very long search on the internet where I found over 100 companies offering training various in length and certainly prices, I found a course run by Tom MacKay of MacKay solutions. At first contact, a telephone answering company took my call and explained that Tom was teaching overseas and would contact me back. A few minutes later I had an email from Tom explaining that in was in Bahrain teaching. We spoke about the course content and the method of delivery. Pretty much standard i.e. you receive CDs you have to listen to before the course and attend a class for 7 days where you practice what you have been learning from the CDs.

Tom also teaches Time Line Therapy but not does teach hypnotherapy during the 7 days training. Hi, totally justified in my mind, view is that “would you go and see a hypnotherapist who only had two days of training?” Tom does run hypnotherapy courses separately.

Looking on the internet for reference of MacKay solutions, I found a comment on a bulletin board who complimented tom on his training approach by describing it as no nonsensical. This obviously struck a chord with me so I booked the course.

Having paid my deposit on the website, I received a few days later a pack with CDs and a manual. I must admit that the CDs packaging and manual did not impress me at all at first sight. I really wondered if I had made the right choice. This impression was soon dissipated after listening to the first CD. I guess that in view of the “modest” cost of the course some corners have to be cut. I say modest as the 7 days course costs £950, this compares to a great majority of courses costing well over £2,000 for the same level.

There were only 9 of us on the course, which is probably not so good for Tom but excellent for us. We had load of time to practice and ask questions. The content covered all necessary topics to qualify as a NLP practitioner to be able to register with the ADNLP once you completed the assignment.

To qualify for the INLP you will still need to do a few more training days. i.e. 2 days on other techniques and 6 days on language patterns and hypnosis.

The other students wear a great bunch that made the experience even more enjoyable. The 7 days were intensive and tiring at times but the experience was unforgettable.

The magic happened!

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