An expensive self storage lesson

About time
Creative Commons License photo credit: Lachlan Hardy

I recently helped a friend empty his storage unit at Big Yellow.

They were trying to sell their house, a typical English two up-two down, and it was clear the place was a little crowded with possessions. In true house sell make over the house was de-cluttered and questionable wall colours were toned down with….. Magnolia of course! The house sold and when they moved to the new place, I helped with moving the stuff from storage to their new house.

All in all they used the storage for six months. It reminded me of my use a storage room for over five years to store what I can only describe as sentimental value but totally unpractical furniture and the rest was total crap.

Doing the calculation, 5 years = 60 months time approximately £100 a month = £6,000!!!! I am absolutely flabbergasted I spent that must on storing junk. Thinking of what I could have done with that £6,000 makes me a little green.

I think that self storage is a good idea when used temporarily but definitely not long term. Once the goods have been in storage for over a year and you have not used them, I think it is time to use Ebay or the local charity shop to save you some money and maybe even make some back.

So, it you have a self storage unit or even a garage full of junk, consider taking the time to clear it out and save yourself a good amount of money.

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