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SEO imageHaving spent a substantial sum over the past year to get some ranking for my business websites, I wanted to make sure that what my SEO companies were doing was actually making a difference. I used two companies in the past year, a company in India who got the Asobi website on page one of Google for a few chosen keywords and another company in UK to try to get some traffic to my Kind Toys website.  The company in India was good but they were getting greedy as they were forever charging extra for modifications to the website that were apparently necessary. I parted company with them a few months ago. The Asobi website remains in good position but I need to do some work on it to ensure that I keep the ranking.

For the Kind Toys website, I eventually relented under pressure to use a SEO company based in UK. In the three months they were apparently looking after the site marketing, the number of visitors went down! I do know that SEO is not instant but for visitors numbers to reduce while you are trying to optimise is really beyond incompetence.

As nothing is better done than if you actually do it yourself, I decided to have a crack at it myself. I went on a course a couple of weeks ago to learn the “black magic” that SEO is. After trawling the internet for courses, I agreed to go on a course with Caspian. The course was held near Birmingham and Chris promised that there would not be too many people on the course to ensure that everybody could have time to ask questions and get plenty of learning.

It was a full day, starting at 9am and finishing at 5pm. We were only three on the course so could ask as many questions we wanted. I felt that the course was catered to my basic level and left with a lot more knowledge than I came with. Saying that I am now an SEO expert would be lying but at least I know what I am talking about and would certainly be able to check the work done by any SEO agency I may decide to work with in the future. It has given me the impetus to actually start the ball rolling with Kind Toys and in one week of link building and other work, the traffic on my site is 98.5% up on last month.  We left the course with some great resources and access to exclusive tools to help with the work necessary to get better ranking.

I am in fact so pleased with the results and thoroughly recommend the course. In fact, I am now going on a Google Analytics course with the same company so I can learn more about this great statistics tool.

To my friends and colleagues, if you want me to have a quick look at your websites and suggest a few changes, I am more than willing to impart some of my recently gained knowledge.

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