The invasion of the satellite dish

Satellite TV dish parabola
Creative Commons License photo credit: EBKauaiAt the risk of being a snob, I now really want to move from where I live. I cannot stand the site of satellite dishes and recently two of my neighbours have had their status symbol Sky dishes put right in the front of the house. Why do people do this? Don’t they care about the aesthetic of their house? So why do they spend time, effort and money tending the front lawn, painting windows and planting pretty shrubs to have the whole thing ruined by this metal monstrosity?

Don’t get me wrong, we too have Sky but at least, I paid for the dish to be hidden on the side of the house rather than screwed just above the front door. The extra installation cost is minimal but obviously not included in the sign up deal. The installer will obviously not offer you the option to put the dish in a more conspicuous place as he is paid on the number of installation he does. Therefore sticking the dish above the front door and drilling a hole straight in the lounge is a hell of an appeal. The guy installing the dish next door right now is actually running to and from his van. I dread the botched installation….

Looking outside now, I can see that my neighbour already had a dish fitted a number of years ago as there is another Sky dish on the chimney. So now he has no less than two dishes. Incidentally, the house next door to us is owned by a housing association and the house next door to next door is rented. The rent is paid for by a housing association…  Neither neighbours work full time. The neighbour number two seems to be going everywhere by taxi. I know this due to the taxi drivers honking when they arrive for pick up. But I am sure that both neighbours will be sent back to work by the new government initiative…..Not!

It’s OK, I’ll carry on paying taxes so they can enjoy Sky TV!

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