The lobbying firm

It seems that Land Securities have hired a professional lobbying company called Indigo. to gain planning permission.

This is taken directly from Indigo’s website:

“Gaining planning committee approval is our business.

Indigo Public Affairs’ community consultation and political communications advice helps our clients achieve planning consent.

We have an outstanding track record. We work in many sectors, including housing, commercial, retail, energy and waste.

Many of our team are politicians themselves – including many who have been on their own planning committee.”

Those guys are paid to lobby local politicians; we need to do our very own lobbying.

I published earlier a list of local councillors and councillors on the planning committee. If you know any of those people, please get in touch with them to let them know of your feeling for the proposed scheme.

Does anybody know a local celebrity who could be interested in championing our cause?

We have a real fight on our hands; please do not let apathy win this for Tesco. The more noise we make the more chance we will get.

1 comment for “The lobbying firm

  1. Mike Dyde
    July 16, 2011 at 10:06 am

    The local celebrity I would think of is Sir Terry Wogan whose house actually overlooks the whole area, he may be worth approaching

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